Subordinating Conjunctions Worksheets

Subordinating Conjunctions Exercises

Subordinating conjunctions are used to connect clauses which are not of equal rank. One clause depends on the other for completing its meaning. Subordinating Conjunctions denote time, place, reason, effect, purpose, manner, condition, comparison, apposition and contrast. Apposition – that, why, how Reason – as, because Purpose – that, so that, in order that Effect …

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Coordinating Conjunctions Worksheets

Coordinating Conjunctions Exercises

Coordinating conjunctions are used to connect sentences, phrases or clauses of equal rank. Coordinating Conjunctions are of four types – Cumulative – and, both….and, also, too, as well as, not only….but also, no less than Alternative – or, either….or, neither….nor, otherwise, else Adversative – but, still, yet, however, nevertheless, only, whereas Illative – so, for, …

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