Daily English Grammar Test (Mon-Fri)


  1. 10 questions, 4 options each.
  2. Choose the correct option for each question.
  3. Time – 5 Minutes
  4. Click “Show Result” when done.
  5. Enjoy the quiz!

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Daily Grammar Test

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Category: Adjectives

Which of the following is a demonstrative adjective?

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Category: Adjectives

Choose the correct adjective form to complete the sentence: "She is the _____ student in the class."

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Category: Modal Verbs

They _________ complete the project by the deadline.

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Category: Modal Verbs

I _________ not forget to call my parents on their anniversary.

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Category: Adverb

Which type of adverb describes the manner of an action?

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Category: Adverb

What is the adverb in the sentence "She sang beautifully," and what does it modify?

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Category: Parts of Speech

In the sentence "The piano, which was expensive, played beautifully," which part of speech is "which"?

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Category: Parts of Speech

In the sentence "The big, red balloon floated gracefully," which part of speech are "big" and "red"?

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Category: Noun

Which of the following is a proper noun?

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Category: Noun

What type of noun is "team"?

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