A determiner is a word that is used to modify a noun or a noun phrase.

  • It is a word that provides context or reference to a noun.
  • It can also show the quantity, quality, position, or specificity of the noun.

Parts of Speech Function as Determiners

Various parts of speech can function as determiners of the noun

  • Articles
  • Demonstrative adjectives
  • Numeral adjectives
  • Adjectives of quantity
  • Possessive adjective

Articles as Determiners

Definite Articles

  • Definite articles are used as determiners to express the specificity of the noun.
  • They can be used to refer to singular or plural nouns.
  • They can be used to refer to countable and uncountable nouns.


  • The man in the car wants to know where Hotel Piccadilly is.
  • There is a slight change in the temperature.
  • Mr. Sreekumar knows where the files are.
  • Sharad is the captain of the team.
  • The ship sets sail from the harbour.

Indefinite Articles

  • Indefinite articles are used to refer to the noun in the general sense.
  • They are used to refer to the noun for the first time.
  • They are used to refer to a particular group or class of nouns.
  • They are used with singular nouns.
  • They are used to refer to countable nouns only.


  • Mr. Manekchand hired a clerk.
  • She is a woman of great strength.
  • There is a difference in the way she conducts herself.
  • Try an egg sandwich.
  • I want to buy a cupboard.

Demonstrative Adjectives as Determiners

  • Demonstrative adjectives are used are words to point out a specific noun or noun phrase.
  • That and This are used with singular nouns. Those and These are used with plural nouns.
  • This and These are used to point towards nouns which are nearby. That and Those are used to point towards nouns that are far away.


  • Grace lives in this house.
  • Can you please clear these plates?
  • Those bonbons sure look tempting.
  • Manisha was talking to that girl.
  • This book is mine.

Numeral Adjectives as Determiners

  • Numeral adjectives are words that specify the number of nouns.
  • Cardinal numeral adjectives are numbers. (one, two, three)
  • Ordinal numeral adjectives are numerical rankings. (first, second, third)


There were five people in the room.
Every second building here is painted blue.
Christopher is three steps behind you.
Complete these two assignments tomorrow.
The tenth house from the left is Mr. Mahmood’s house.

Adjective of Quantity as Determiners

Adjectives of quantity are words that suggest the quantity of the noun.


  • Little knowledge is a bad thing.
  • Most workers are paid less.
  • Several residents came forward to protest.
  • I have read every novel by Stephen King.
  • He had fewer friends by the end of his career.

Possessive Adjectives as Determiners

  • Possessive adjectives are used to indicate the possession or ownership of a noun to another.
  • They can be confused with pronouns, but they are actually adjectives.


  • My house is near the railway station.
  • The dog has injured its snout.
  • Kiran forgot her watch at home.
  • Swami was consulted for his wise counsel.
  • May I use your phone?

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