Examples of Optative Sentence

Some sentences express a heartfelt wish, prayer, or even a curse. Such sentences are called optative sentences. They may end in a full stop or an exclamation mark.

In this post, we have included 25+ Examples of Optative Sentence

Examples of Optative Sentence

  1. May Lord bless you.
  2. Let the people appreciate your greatness.
  3. May his soul rest in peace.
  4. Let your efforts be crowned with success.
  5. Let us pray for his safe return.
  6. If I could fly like an airplane!
  7. May God save the king.
  8. Let a hundred flowers blossom.
  9. Lord, Thy will be done.
  10. Heaven’s light be our guide.
  11. May you be happy forever, my son.
  12. May God help you.
  13. Blessed be your tongue.
  14. May Thy will be fulfilled through my life.
  15. Would that your mother had been alive today!
  16. He prayed that God might bless him (or, me).
  17. The priest prayed to God that He might pardon his (the accused’s) sins.
  18. We prayed that Mother Teresa’s soul might rest in peace.
  19. The retiring teacher bade good-bye (or, farewell) to all his pupils.
  20. They prayed that Netaji might live long.
  21. My grandfather blessed me wishing that I might be happy.
  22. Father wished him prosperity.
  23. Ajay bade his brother welcome to his home.
  24. The old man wished me a long life.
  25. Amal expressed a wish that he could but get that prize.
  26. Souray wished his playmates good morning and expressed his hope that they were quite well.

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