Examples of Declarative Sentences

A sentence whose sole function is to state something is known as a declarative sentence.

In other words, such sentences declare something to the listener or reader. They typically end with a full stop (.).

In this post, you will find the top 100+ important examples of Declarative Sentences.

Examples of Declarative Sentences

Examples of Declarative Sentences


  1. Netaji Subhash Chandra is the pride of India.
  2. Shivaji was a brave soldier.
  3. India is an independent country.
  4. People of various communities live in Calcutta.
  5. Germany was defeated in the Second World War.
  6. The sun rises in the east.
  7. Varanasi is known to be the oldest city in the world.
  8. Ancient Greece was the pride of Europe.
  9. Two hundred people lost their lives in the cyclone.
  10. Babu Rajendraprasad was the first President of India.


  1. Man cannot live without water.
  2. No man is totally free.
  3. Satish is not very intelligent.
  4. No man can live forever.
  5. The sun does not revolve around the earth.
  6. Nobody loves Bappa.
  7. l am not afraid of death.
  8. There is no pleasure without pain.
  9. Sunil babu does not smoke.
  10. My brother did not sleep last night.
  11. The blind cannot see.
  12. There is no cloud in the sky.
  13. You have no sense.
  14. Do not run in the sun,
  15. Do not play with fire.

  1. A greedy man is dead to all sense of self-respect.
  2. The sky is cloudless.
  3. This boy is quite innocent,
  4. Deepa is unwell (or, out of sorts).
  5. I am out of work now.
  6. Bibhas failed to come in time.
  7. It seldom rains in winter.
  8. The pen is missing,
  9. He missed the train.
  10. My mother is a little better today.
  11. He is scarcely ten years old.
  12. I can hardly read a line of French.
  13. He was too weak to walk the distance.
  14. Eve could not but eat the fruit.
  15. Man cannot do without air.
  16. I could not help weeping.
  17. There were none in the village but loved Suman.

  1. Have you met the new teacher? No, I haven’t.
  2. Was there a desk on the platform? No, there wasn’t.
  3. You don’t like movies, do you? No, I don’t.

As a negative determiner

  1. No man was there in the room. (Not any man)
  2. No bread was available in the market. (Not any bread)
  3. No door to the place was open.
  4. There are no book/books on the table.
  5. No rules were observed in their office.

Fewer, less, more, better

  1. No fewer than six students were present.
  2. I would take no less than fifty rupees for this work.
  3. I am asking no more than what is due to me.
  4. This book is no better than the one I read yesterday.

No use, no good, no matter, no more than, no one, nobody

  1. It’s no use asking him to be regular
  2. The boy is no good; all your good advice will not improve his conduct.
  3. No matter how much you try, you will not succeed.
  4. It is no more than what I ought to do.
  5. No one but you can save him from ruin.
  6. Nobody cared about his fate.

Many, more, much, enough, a few, the least, a little, only, the same, another

  1. Not many boys were present in the room.
  2. Not more than two hours flight took him to London.
  3. Not much is heard about him these days.
  4. Not enough was achieved even after six months.
  5. Not a few of the critics were impressed by the book.
  6. Patel, Desai, and last but not least Nehru were present in the meeting,
  7. Not a little stir was made by his eloquent speech.
  8. He was not only a teacher but also a writer of a high calibre.
  9. Your going there is not the same as his coming here.
  10. Not other leader like Subhash Chandra made his appearance in post-independence India.

Introductory “There’

  1. There is no cloud in the sky.
  2. There is a school in this village,
  3. There are many boys in this class.
  4. There is no water in this well.
  5. There lived a rich man in this village,
  6. There stood a beggar at the door.
  7. There are many trees in this garden.
  8. There lived an old farmer in this village,
  9. There lived a hermit under this tree,
  10. There are many big mansions in Calcutta,
  11. There are many big rivers in India,
  12. There is no tea in the cup,
  13. There is no water in the pond.
  14. There is not much fish in this tank.
  15. Is there any school in your village?
  16. Are there fifty boys in your class?
  17. Is there a temple there?
  18. There are five rivers there.
  19. There is a library in our school.
  20. Was there no cloud in the sky?
  21. Will there be a holiday tomorrow?
  22. There is an airport at Dum Dum.

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