Examples of Comparative Degree

The Comparative degree is used when a comparison is intended between two persons or things in respect of some quality.

For example – Lisa is taller than Alisha. Health is better than wealth.

In this post, you will find the top 50 Quality Examples of Comparative degree.

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Examples of Comparative Degree

Examples of Comparative Degree

The followings are some important examples of Comparative degree.

  1. My car is faster than yours.
  2. This jacket is warmer than that one.
  3. She is taller than her sister.
  4. The new phone is more expensive than the old one.
  5. The coffee at this cafe is better than at the other one.
  6. His handwriting is neater than mine.
  7. The blue dress looks prettier than the red one.
  8. This restaurant is busier than the one across the street.
  9. The water in the lake is colder than in the pool.
  10. She is happier now than she was before.
  11. The traffic in the city is worse than in the suburbs.
  12. The red car is more eye-catching than the grey one.
  13. The chocolate cake tastes sweeter than the vanilla one.
  14. The weather today is nicer than yesterday.
  15. His apartment is larger than mine.
  16. The movie was more exciting than I expected.
  17. This pen writes smoother than that one.
  18. Her hair is longer than his.
  19. The blue sky is clearer than the cloudy one.
  20. The music is louder than before.
  21. The new book is more interesting than the old one.
  22. His voice is deeper than hers.
  23. The orange juice is more refreshing than the soda.
  24. The novel is more thought-provoking than the memoir.
  25. The flowers in the garden are more colourful than the ones in the vase.
  26. The sun is brighter than the moon.
  27. The coffee at this shop is stronger than the one at the other shop.
  28. The pizza here is tastier than at the other place.
  29. The shirt is softer than the sweater.
  30. The snow in the mountains is whiter than the one in the city.
  31. The water in the river is cleaner than in the lake.
  32. The movie is scarier than I anticipated.
  33. The lemonade is more sour than sweet.
  34. The building is taller than the tree.
  35. The new employee is more efficient than the old one.
  36. The dessert is more decadent than the appetizer.
  37. The city is more diverse than the countryside.
  38. The presentation is more engaging than the lecture.
  39. The shirt is cheaper than the jacket.
  40. The flight is shorter than the train ride.
  41. The mountain is steeper than the hill.
  42. The new phone is more advanced than the old one.
  43. The coffee is hotter than the tea.
  44. The movie is longer than I thought it would be.
  45. The sauce is spicier than the dip.
  46. The blue whale is larger than any other mammal.
  47. The building is more modern than the one next to it.
  48. The river is wider than the creek.
  49. The concert is louder than the play.
  50. The fruit is juicier than the vegetable.
  51. The hotel is more luxurious than the motel.
  52. The new employee is more punctual than the old one.
  53. The ocean is deeper than the lake.
  54. The movie is more emotional than I expected.
  55. The ride is faster than the walk.
  56. The fabric is smoother than the paper.
  57. The city is livelier than the suburb.
  58. The dress is more elegant than the skirt.
  59. Health is better than wealth.
  60. Lisa is taller than Alisha.
  61. John is taller than his brother.
  62. The exam was more difficult than I expected.

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