Preposition Definition and Examples

In this post, we have included Preposition Definition and Examples. Here, we have written the Main Definition of Preposition, 6 Types of preposition definitions, and 100+ Examples.

Preposition Definition and Examples (Main)

A preposition is a word that is placed before a noun or noun equivalent to show its relation to some other word in the sentence.

In the sentence “The girl placed her hand on the desk,” the word on shows the relation between the hand and the desk. If the word on is omitted, there is no sense. The hand may be on the table, or under the table, or above the table. Until some preposition is inserted the relation between the hand and the table is not known. The word on is, therefore, a preposition.

The noun or noun-equivalent before which a preposition is used is called its object or complement. Some adverbs of time or place can be used as objects to prepositions denoting relations of time or place; as

  • We must be ready by then (=that time).
  • He has worked hard from then to now.
  • The old man walks about from here to there.
  • Until now she has done nothing.
  • You must go at once.
  • He will be remembered for ever.

Preposition Examples

  1. Look at the picture on the wall.
  2. There are dirty marks on the floor.
  3. Leave the glasses on the table.
  4. They sat on the grass.
  5. We stood on one foot.
  6. He had a blister on his foot.
  7. He wore a ring on his finger.
  8. There is a coat on a hook.
  9. They sat on a chair.
  10. He has no chance of winning.
  11. I need a dictionary of Hindi.
  12. He is a professor of Bengali.
  13. Please speak in English.
  14. The letter was written in biro (a kind of ball pen).
  15. The lines were printed in italics/capitals.
  16. Say it in a few words.
  17. He goes for a walk morning.
  18. It’s a machine for cutting hay.
  19. I draw pictures for pleasure.
  20. What did you shout at him for?
  21. He stood before her in the queue.
  22. We knelt before the shrine.
  23. Your name comes before mine on the list.
  24. The task before us is not an easy one.
  25. The future before me is bleak.
  26. Rice sells at Rs. 15 each kilo.
  27. I bought this book for Rs. 100.00.
  28. He drives at 70 kmph (kilometer per hour).
  29. The man was shooting at the crowd.
  30. The dog rushed at me.
  31. We ran at the thief.
  32. The boys threw stones at the frogs in the pond.
  33. The Cloud is a poem by Shelley.
  34. I went to Kolkata by bus.
  35. May I pay by cheque?
  36. I shall contact you by letter/telephone.
  37. He earns his living by writing.
  38. I’m on holiday from 15 January.
  39. There’s traffic in the streets from dawn till dusk.
  40. He was blind from birth.
  41. She drew water from a well.
  42. He’s descended from a royal family.
  43. This is a passage from Macaulay.
  44. I took away the knife from him.
  45. I took the money from my purse.
  46. Have you borrowed the book from the library?
  47. The poor suffer from cold in winter.
  48. She did it from jealousy.
  49. He died from overwork.
  50. From a teacher’s point of view, this dictionary will be very useful.
  51. She stood behind me.
  52. The post office is behind our house.
  53. Hide behind the tree.
  54. The sun is hidden behind the clouds.
  55. Bring out the deeper meaning behind the passage.
  56. She is behind other students in English grammar.
  57. My family is behind me in my decision to read medicine.
  58. He was brought before the police officer.

Preposition Definition and Examples (Types)

We wrote the main definition of preposition before. Now here we have written, Different types of preposition definitions and Examples.

Simple prepositions and Examples

at, after, by, for, from, in, of, on, out, over, through, till, up, under, with, off, till, over, etc.

Double prepositions and Examples

When a single preposition is not sufficient to express the sense, two simple prepositions are united together to express the sense fully; as—into, from among, from within, from behind, over against, out of, etc.

  • The man ran into the house.
  • One man will be selected from among them.
  • The seed has sprouted from under the ground.
  • He came from within the house.

Compound prepositions and Examples

Compound prepositions are generally formed by prefixing a preposition (usually a = on or be = by) to a noun, an adjective or an adverb; as-across (= on + cross), amidst (= on + middle), behind ( = by + hind), about (= on + by + out), above (= on + by + up), before (= by + fore) beneath (= by + neath), between (=by + twain), beyond (= by + yonder), but (= by + out, except), within, without, below, etc.

Participial prepositions and Examples

Some present or past participles such as considering, concerning, regarding, pending, notwithstanding, etc. are used as prepositions; as

  • Considering your age, I pardon you.
  • Concerning yesterday’s fire, I know nothing.
  • Do you know anything regarding his landed property?
  • Notwithstanding his father’s anger the boy did this.
  • Pending further orders, Mr. Chand will act as the principal.

Phrase prepositions or Prepositional phrases and Examples

“Two or more words habitually thrown together and ending with a simple preposition may be called Phrase prepositions or Prepositional phrases”; as – by means of, because of, in front of, in spite of, on account of, with regard to, on behalf of, instead of, in the place of, etc.

Disguised prepositions and Examples

When the prepositions on and of are changed, into a and o respectively they are called Disguised prepositions; as

  • This fair is held once a year (a = on).
  • It’s ten o’clock now (o = of).

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