Examples of Indicative Moods

Indicative Mood is used to make statements or express facts or opinions. It is the most commonly used mood in everyday language. These Moods include an Assertive sentence, an Optative sentence, and an Exclamatory sentence.

Here, we present you with 30+ Examples of Indicative Moods.

Examples of Indicative Moods

To state a fact:

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  • The sun rises in the east every morning.
  • Water boils at 100 degrees Celsius at sea level.
  • Oxygen is essential for human survival.
  • The capital of France is Paris.
  • Sound travels faster through solids than through gases.
  • The chemical formula for water is H2O.
  • Diamonds are formed from carbon under high pressure and temperature.
  • Gravity attracts objects toward the center of the Earth.
  • Diamond is one of the hardest-known substances.
  • The human body consists of approximately 60% water.
  • Sound travels faster through solids than through gases.
  • A right angle measures 90 degrees.
  • The formula for water is H2O.

To express an opinion:

  • In my opinion, she is a talented artist.
  • In my opinion, the movie was disappointing and poorly executed.
  • I think this restaurant serves the most delicious pizza in town.
  • In my view, learning a second language provides numerous cognitive and cultural benefits.
  • In my opinion, teamwork is essential for achieving success in any collaborative project.
  • I think the new policy implemented by the company will greatly benefit its employees.
  • In my opinion, fashion trends often reflect the cultural values and attitudes of a society.
  • From my standpoint, traveling is an enriching experience that helps broaden one’s perspective.

To express the condition:

  • If it rains, I shall stay at home.
  • If they arrive on time, we shall go to watch a movie.
  • Even if I fail, I shall not lose my hope.
  • If she studies hard, she will pass the exam.
  • Even if it snows, we will still have the picnic as planned.
  • If the train is delayed, we might miss our connecting flight.

Indicative Mood in Interrogative Form:

  • Are you watching any new movies?
  • What led to the Great War?
  • Is the sun up?
  • Why is the bus running so slow?
  • Are the stars out in the sky?

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