Examples of Adjective Phrases

An Adjective Phrase is a group of words that act as adjectives to qualify a noun or pronoun. It can be the subject part or the predicate part.

In other words, when a Phrase qualifies a Noun or expresses its fault, quality, condition, quantity, etc., it is called an Adjective Phrase.

Examples of Adjective Phrases

Examples of Adjective Phrases

Examples of Adjective Phrases #Type 1

Adjective Phrase formation by placing the Preposition after the Present Participle

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  1. The flowers blooming in the garden are a riot of colours.
  2. The woman walking on the beach is enjoying the sunset.
  3. The baby sleeping in the crib is so peaceful.
  4. The car parked in the garage needs a wash.
  5. The boy jumping over the fence is my cousin.
  6. The cat lounging on the windowsill is my pet.
  7. The cake frosting dripping down the sides is so sweet.
  8. The girl playing with the toy blocks is my niece.
  9. The clouds drifting across the sky are so fluffy.
  10. The man running after the bus is going to be late.
  11. The flowers blooming in the meadow are a sight to see.
  12. The waves crashing on the shore are so loud.
  13. The bird chirping in the tree is a robin.
  14. The baby crawling on the floor is so cute.
  15. The dog sleeping on the couch is so lazy.
  16. The cake baking in the oven smells so good.
  17. The boy fishing in the pond caught a big fish.
  18. The leaves falling from the trees are so colourful.
  19. The woman walking through the park is enjoying the scenery.
  20. The cat hiding under the bed is scared.

Examples of Adjective Phrases #Type 2

Formation of Adjective Phrase by placing preposition after Past Participle

  1. The exhausted runner collapsed onto the finish line, gasping for air.
  2. The abandoned house on the hill was rumoured to be haunted.
  3. The injured bird hobbled along the ground, unable to fly.
  4. The exhausted worker collapsed into bed after a long day.
  5. The lost hiker wandered through the dense forest for hours.
  6. The excited crowd cheered as the band took the stage.
  7. The terrified animal cowered in the corner, afraid to move.
  8. The stolen car was quickly recovered by the police.
  9. The confused tourist asked for directions to the nearest attraction.
  10. The exhausted swimmer struggled to reach the shore.
  11. The trapped miners were rescued after several days underground.
  12. The injured soldier was airlifted to a nearby hospital.
  13. The amazed onlookers watched in awe as the fireworks lit up the sky.
  14. The stolen wallet was later found in a nearby dumpster.
  15. The frightened child clung to her father’s hand as they walked through the haunted house.
  16. The abandoned car had been left to rust in the middle of the field.
  17. The confused customer asked for help with finding the right product.
  18. The exhausted marathon runner collapsed at the finish line.
  19. The trapped cat was rescued by firefighters from the burning building.
  20. The injured worker was taken to the hospital in an ambulance.

Examples of Adjective Phrases #Type 3

Formation of the Adjective Phrase by using Preposition

  1. Virat Kohli is a cricketer of worldwide fame.
  2. The building across the street is a bank.
  3. The dog with the wagging tail is friendly.
  4. The woman in the yellow dress is the bride.
  5. The boy without a jacket is cold.
  6. The flowers in the vase are wilting.
  7. The house on the hill is haunted.
  8. The man with a big nose is a comedian.
  9. The cat in the tree is afraid.
  10. The pen on the table is blue.
  11. The boy with the broken arm is in pain.
  12. The girl in the front row is the teacher’s pet.
  13. The computer with the broken screen is useless.
  14. The car in the garage is a classic.
  15. The building next to the park is a library.
  16. The man with the guitar is a musician.
  17. The girl with the missing tooth is adorable.
  18. The baby in the stroller is sleeping.
  19. The man on the phone is my boss.
  20. The cookies in the jar are freshly baked.

Examples of Adjective Phrases #Type 4

Formation of Adjective Phrase using Infinitive ‘to’

  1. I have a mind to visit Simla during summer vacation.
  2. He has a friend to help him.
  3. She had a dream to become a doctor.
  4. They had a goal to score high in their exams.
  5. We had the wish to visit the Grand Canyon.
  6. He had a habit to wake up early in the morning.
  7. She had an ambition to become a doctor.
  8. They had a need to buy a new car.
  9. We had a preference to stay in a hotel.
  10. He had a fear to speak in public.
  11. She had the talent to play the piano.
  12. They had a hobby to collect stamps.
  13. We had a duty to help the poor.
  14. He had a tendency to procrastinate.
  15. She had a taste to try new cuisines.
  16. They had a requirement to complete the project on time.
  17. We had a responsibility to take care of our pets.
  18. He had the intention to apologize for his mistake.
  19. She had a passion to explore new places.
  20. They had the challenge to overcome their fears.

Examples of Adjective Phrases #Type 5

Formation of Adjective Phrase using Adjective and Appropriate Preposition

  1. India is rich in minerals.
  2. Truthfulness is foreign to your nature.
  3. The museum is full of ancient artefacts.
  4. The beach is crowded with tourists during the summer.
  5. The city is renowned for its beautiful architecture.
  6. The air is heavy with the scent of blooming flowers.
  7. The room is suffused with a warm glow from the fireplace.
  8. The dish is flavoured with a hint of garlic.
  9. The concert was filled with beautiful melodies.
  10. The garden is brimming with colourful flowers.
  11. The field is ripe with golden wheat.
  12. The sky is dotted with fluffy white clouds.
  13. The path is lined with tall trees.
  14. The castle is steeped in history and legend.
  15. The river is infused with the sound of rushing water.
  16. He was fortunate with his sons.
  17. The plant is sensitive to the touch.

Examples of Adjective Phrases #Type 6

Some Familiar Comparison Adjective Phrases:

  1. His eyes are as red as a rose.
  2. The wind is as cold as ice.
  3. The sun is as hot as fire.
  4. The water is as clear as a crystal.
  5. The mountain is as tall as a skyscraper.
  6. The bed is as soft as down.
  7. The snake is as dangerous as a lion.
  8. The child is as innocent as a dove.
  9. The bag is light as a feather.
  10. The tree is as old as time.

Examples of Adjective Phrases #Type 7

A few examples of Idiomatic Adjective Phrases

  1. Monika is the apple of her father’s eye.
  2. Peter is a jack of all trades and master of none.
  3. There is no hard and fast rule in this matter.
  4. We must be up and doing in the service of our country.
  5. These customs are no longer in vogue.
  6. I am out of sorts today.
  7. I am hard up at present.
  8. Are you hard of hearing?
  9. His efforts were crowned with success.
  10. All his actions are open and above board.
  11. The car was on its last legs and needed to be replaced.
  12. She was on pins and needles waiting for the test results.
  13. He is always at daggers drawn with his boss.
  14. The proposal was dead in the water from the start.
  15. The project was a flash in the pan and quickly fizzled out.
  16. The town was a one-horse town with not much to do.
  17. The company was in dire straits and needed a bailout.
  18. The job was a labour of love and not done for the money.
  19. The music was a feast for the ears and a balm for the soul.
  20. The plan was shot in the dark but it ended up working out.

Miscellaneous Examples of Adjective Phrases

  1. The cat with white fur is sleeping on the couch.
  2. John is a man of kind nature.
  3. The car with a broken engine needs to be fixed.
  4. The cake with layers of frosting looked delicious.
  5. The cake with the chocolate frosting is delicious.
  6. The man in the blue suit is the Manager. 
  7. The car from Japan is very reliable.
  8. The house on the hill has a great view. 
  9. The girl with the backpack is my classmate.
  10. The boy holding a baseball bat hit a home run.
  11. The car parked in the garage belongs to my cousin. 
  12. The students studying in the library are preparing for their exams.
  13. The cake baked by my grandmother is delicious.
  14. The dog chasing its tail is very energetic.
  15. The book written by my favourite author is my favourite novel.
  16. The song sung by Adele always makes me emotional.
  17. The movie directed by Christopher Nolan won several awards.
  18. The painting created by Picasso is worth millions of dollars.
  19. The play written by Shakespeare is a masterpiece of literature.
  20. We had a duty to help the poor.
  21. He had a tendency to procrastinate.
  22. She had a taste to try new cuisines.

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