Examples of Noun Phrases

A noun phrase is a group of words that function as nouns. It can be a subject or object/complement of a verb.

In this post, you will find 100 important examples of noun phrases.

Examples of Noun Phrases

Examples of Noun Phrases

Examples of Noun Phrases #Type 1

A Noun Phrase is formed by adding and between two Nouns:

  1. They were given food and clothing.
  2. Men and money, they have none.
  3. We are flesh and blood.
  4. Land and water, nowhere are they safe.
  5. Keep account of your profit and loss.
  6. God is everywhere, in heaven and earth.
  7. In life, one must suffer weal and woe.
  8. In human character virtue and vice exist side by side.
  9. These two are husband and wife.
  10. They do not have any heart and home.
  11. Ebb and flow is caused by the attraction of the moon.
  12. Keep God in mind through thick and thin.

Examples of Noun Phrases #Type 2

Sometimes a Preposition sits between two Nouns to form a Noun Phrase:

  1. The camel is a beast of burden.
  2. He was a lover of his country.
  3. His devotion to duty is praiseworthy.
  4. We all are involved in the struggle for existence.
  5. A sense of duty is a noble virtue.
  6. Johnny was a chip off the old block.
  7. Men like Netaji are the salt of the earth.
  8. I have found the key to his success.
  9. He has faith in God.
  10. Mir Jafar was a traitor to his country.
  11. I could not buy the book for want of money.
  12. He is a man of high rank.
  13. He does not suffer any bitings of conscience even after committing a crime.
  14. Satyendranath Basu was a man of genius.
  15. Aparna is a jewel of a girl.
  16. Tears of joy streamed down her cheeks.
  17. Sohini bought a rupee worth of sugar and two spoonfuls of milk.

Examples of Noun Phrases #Type 3

Sometimes two Nouns are placed side by side to form a Noun Phrase:

  1. I have lost my gold ring.
  2. He has iron determination.
  3. Your bedroom is small.
  4. I have paid my school fees.
  5. We shall go to Switzerland during summer vacation.
  6. Today is your birthday.
  7. English is our mother tongue.
  8. There are many street beggars in this area.
  9. She keeps her ornaments in an iron safe.
  10. The battlefield was filled with the bodies of dead soldiers.
  11. Train fares have been raised again.
  12. The battle was won without bloodshed.
  13. Hero-worship is the strongest where there is the least regard for freedom.”.

Examples of Noun Phrases #Type 4

Often an Adjective or Participle is placed before a Noun to form a Noun Phrase:

  1. Horses live in dark stables.
  2. One should have good thoughts before doing good actions.
  3. He is a born orator.
  4. The mystery of creation is beyond human understanding.

Examples of Noun Phrases #Type 5

Sometimes Noun Phrase is started with an Infinite Verb:

  1. He likes to eat mangoes.
  2. He likes to command others.
  3. I tried to get the sum right.
  4. To stand first is my ambition.
  5. To rise early is good for health.

Note: In these examples, Phrases with Infinite Verbs are used as Objects or Subjects of the Main Verb.

Examples of Noun Phrases #Type 6

In many cases, Noun Phrase is made with a Gerund:

  1. I enjoy playing cricket.
  2. I like seeing people happy.
  3. Winning a game is not the important thing.
  4. Lamenting/ mourning for misfortune is human nature.
  5. Dreaming rosy dreams will not help you.

Examples of Noun Phrases #Type 7

Sometimes a special type of English Idiom is used as a Noun Phrase:

  1. Consider the pros and cons of the matter.
  2. I explained to him the long and short of the discussion.
  3. One cannot afford to fear the ups and downs of life. He found out ways and means for the betterment of this town.
  4. In our life weal and woe come by turns. Freedom is a life and death question for us.

Examples of Noun Phrases #Type 8

Formation of Noun Phrase by placing ‘or’ between two Nouns:

  1. Man or beast
  2. Friend or foe
  3. Virtue or vice
  4. High or low
  5. Men or money
  6. Increase or decrease
  7. A jot or little

Miscellaneous Examples of Noun Phrases

  1. All his kith and kin left him.
  2. Early to bed and early to rise to make a man healthy, wealthy and wise.
  3. To do the sum is trouble.
  4. Playing football is a good game.
  5. Have you enjoyed reading this novel?
  6. Early to bed is a healthy habit.
  7. A flock of sheep are grazing in the field. 
  8. Early to rise is good for health. 
  9. His getting this job is uncertain.
  10. She prefers living in a hostel.
  11. I have purchased a pair of black shoes.
  12. Life is not a bed of roses.
  13. She seems to be a wicked woman.
  14. They made him captain of the club.
  15. She works in my office.
  16. She felt there like a fish out of water.
  17. It is necessary to go home.
  18. The boy best in the class is my brother.
  19. Singing in the bath relaxes Tom.
  20. Kiara was the devil in disguise.

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