Adjective Phrases

A phrase is a collection of words without a subject or predicate. The phrase is the fundamental building block of English grammar.

An Adjective Phrase is a group of words that work as an adjective.

Adjective Phrases

Adjective Phrase Definition

An adjective phrase is a group of words that act as adjectives to qualify a noun or pronoun. It can be the subject part or the predicate part.

Adjective Phrase Examples

  • The cat with white fur is sleeping on the couch.
  • John is a man of kind nature.
  • The car with a broken engine needs to be fixed.
  • The cake with layers of frosting looked delicious.

Adjectives and Adjective Phrases

AdjectiveAdj. Phrases
A black coat.A coat of black colour.
A golden crown.A crown made of gold.
A blank page.A page with no writing on it.
The American flag.The flag of America.

Uses of Adjective Phrases

Use 1. Adjective phrases do the job of an adjective. It qualifies the noun.

Use 2. Adjective phrases are introduced by some prepositions; For examples

  • The cake with the chocolate frosting is delicious. [The adj. phrase “with the chocolate frosting” qualifies ‘cake’.]
  • The man in the blue suit is the Manager. [The adj. phrase “in the blue suit” qualifies ‘man’.]
  • The car from Japan is very reliable. [The adj. phrase “from Japan” defines ‘car’.]
  • The house on the hill has a great view. [The adj. phrase “on the hill” qualifies ‘house’.]
  • The girl with the backpack is my classmate. [The adj. phrase “with the backpack” qualifies ‘girl’.]

Use 3. Sometimes adjective phrases begin with a present participle; For examples

  • The boy holding a baseball bat hit a home run. [The present participle ‘holding a baseball bat’ is an adj. phrase that describes the boy.]
  • The car parked in the garage belongs to my cousin. [The present participle ‘parked in the garage’ is an adj. phrase that qualifies the car.]
  • The students studying in the library are preparing for their exams. [The present participle ‘studying in the library’ is an adj. phrase that modifies the students.]
  • The cake baked by my grandmother is delicious. [The present participle ‘baked by my grandmother’ is an adj. phrase that describes the cake.]
  • The dog chasing its tail is very energetic. [The present participle ‘chasing its tail’ is an adj. phrase that describes the dog.]

Use 4. Adj. phrases may begin with a past participle; For examples

  • The book written by my favourite author is my favourite novel. [“Written by my favourite author” is a past participle adj. phrase qualifying book.]
  • The song sung by Adele always makes me emotional. [“Sung by Adele” is a past participle adj. phrase qualifying song.]
  • The movie directed by Christopher Nolan won several awards. [“Directed by Christopher Nolan” is a past participle adj. phrase qualifying movie.]
  • The painting created by Picasso is worth millions of dollars. [“Created by Picasso” is a past participle adj. phrase qualifying painting.]
  • The play written by Shakespeare is a masterpiece of literature. [“Written by Shakespeare” is a past participle adj. phrase qualifying play.]

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