Semi Modal Verbs

Auxiliary Verbs are verbs that only help main verbs to form different verb forms. They are important as structural verbs.

Dare, Need, and Use to – These three verbs are often called Semi Modal Verbs because these verbs are used as Principal verbs as well as Auxiliary verbs.

Semi Modal Verbs

Semi Modal Verbs Used as Principal Verbs

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  • I need some help.
  • She dared me to combat.
  • Lisa used the opportunity to his advantage.

Semi Modal Verbs Used as Auxiliary Verbs

  • I need not go there.
  • We need not do this.
  • He dare not oppose me.
  • They used to visit the village regularly.

Semi Modal Verbs With Examples

  • Do you dare to go bungee jumping?
  • Who dares to enter the office?
  • dare to say that you are a liar.
  • Is she daring to climb that mountain alone?
  • Tom dare not come to me.
  • Peter dared insult me to my face.
  • How dare he argue with you?
  • She can dare any danger.
  • I dare not insult him.
  • How dare he argue with you?
  • He can dare any danger.
  • I will dare him to fight with me.

  • You need not have waited so long.
  • I need not have bought it.
  • I need your help.
  • I don’t need to go to the store today.
  • Do you need any help with your homework?
  • John need not go there.
  • We need not do this work.
  • We aren’t needing any more volunteers for the event.
  • Peter need not come here anymore.
  • You need not have waited so long.
  • Alisha need not worry.
  • Did they need any special equipment for the camping trip?
  • need not have bought it.
  • He wasn’t needing any more coffee at that point.
  • need your help.
  • He will need my support.
  • Our brain sometimes needs rest.

  • Peter used to play cricket when he was at school.
  • used to live in a village when I was a boy.
  • He used to walk every morning when he was in Tokyo.
  • They used to visit their grandparents every summer.
  • Lisa used to wake us every morning.
  • used to do physical exercise in my boyhood.
  • We used to always go to the beach on Sundays.
  • She used to be shy, but now she’s more outgoing.

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