Semi Modal Verbs

Auxiliary Verbs are verbs that merely help principal verbs in the formation of various verb forms. Auxiliary verbs are important as structural verbs.

Dare, Need, and Use to – These three verbs are often called Semi Modal Verbs because these verbs are used as Principal verbs as well as Auxiliary verbs.

Semi Modal Verbs

Semi Modal Verbs Used as Principal Verbs

  • I need some help.
  • He dared me to combat.
  • He used the opportunity to his advantage.

Semi Modal Verbs Used as Auxiliary Verbs

  • You need not go there.
  • He need not do this.
  • He dare not oppose me.
  • They used to visit the library regularly.

Semi Modal Verbs With Examples

  • I dare to say that you are a liar.
  • He dare not speak of the incident openly.
  • I dared or durst not enter the room. Or, I did not dare to enter the room.
  • Trisna dare not come to me.
  • Parag dared insult me to my face.
  • Sugata durst (or, dared) not do this.
  • I dare not insult him.
  • How dare he argue with you?
  • Dare he behaves badly towards my guests?
  • Arjuna dared Karna to a duel.
  • Bhima dared Duryodhana to fight with clubs.
  • Being defeated the other day, he does not dare me to fight with him anymore.
  • I dare (defy) death,
  • I can dare any danger.
  • I shall dare him to fight with me.
  • Saurav has dared Donald to fight with him on the field.

  • Need he go?
  • You need not apply.
  • Bijan need not go there.
  • We need not do this work.
  • You need not trouble yourself.
  • Rumpita need not come here anymore.
  • You need not have waited so long.
  • Rohit need not worry.
  • You need not have bothered so much about this trivial matter.
  • I need not have bought it.
  • Need I write (a letter) to him?
  • I need your help.
  • Ranjan needs some money.
  • I need to go there.
  • Binod will need this book.
  • He will need my support.
  • India needs Shrinath’s help.
  • I did not need to buy it.
  • Your presence is urgently needed.
  • I do not need to meet him.
  • Our brain sometimes needs rest.
  • I gave you more than you needed.

  • He used to play football when he was at school.
  • I used to live here when I was a boy.
  • He used to walk every morning when he was in Kolkata.
  • I used to go to school by tramcars.
  • In our childhood, we used to sing religious hymns in the morning.
  • Raghu used to wake us every morning.
  • I used to do physical exercise in my boyhood.
  • When at school I used to do sums every day.
  • When living in the village, we used to bathe in the tank.
  • There used to be a theatre here.
  • There used to be a big house here.

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