Same Words Used as Prepositions and Adverbs

A preposition is a word that is placed before a noun or noun equivalent to show its relation to some other word in the sentence.

After going through this post, you will be able to understand the same words used as Prepositions and Adverbs.

Same Words Used as Prepositions and Adverbs

Same Words Used as Prepositions and Adverbs

Preposition -They are moving around College Street.

Adverb – I shall be around when you need me.

Preposition – I know nothing about him.

Adverb – He spent about two lac on his daughter’s marriage.

Preposition – He sat apart from others.

Adverb – Earning apart a family man has to do many more things.

Preposition – I will not come before ten.

Adverb – Did he come at noon? No, he came before.

Preposition – Is he in the room?

Adverb – You may go in.

Preposition -The book is on the table.

Adverb – Let us move on.

Preposition – I have not seen him since yesterday.

Adverb – I saw him on Tuesday. I have not seen him since.

Preposition – He returned after a month.

Adverb – His father came soon after.

Preposition – He jumped off the roof.

Adverb – The wheel came off.

Preposition – Akbar ruled over a vast empire.

Adverb – Take this parcel over to the post office.

Preposition – The boat sailed down the river.

Adverb – He came down.

Preposition – The man walked round the house.

Adverb -The man turned round.

Preposition – The thief hid behind the door.

Adverb – He left me behind.

Preposition – We cannot live without air.

Adverb – The storm is raging without.

Preposition – This road goes through the forest.

Adverb – I have read the book through.

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