Prepositions of Time and Place

A preposition is a word that is generally used before a noun or a pronoun and shows its relation with other words in a sentence.

After going through this post, you will be able to understand the concept of ‘Prepositions of Time and Place.’

Prepositions of Place Exercises

Prepositions of Time and Place

Prepositions of Time

In On At Prepositions of Time

In (the)

Parts of the dayIn the morning/in the evening (but at night)
MonthsIn December
SeasonsIn (the) spring
DecadesIn the 1990’s centuries
CenturiesIn the 20th century

On (the)

Days of the weekOn Tuesday/Friday dates
DatesOn (the) 15th of May/ on May 15
Specific DaysOn Good Friday
On New Year’s Day
On my birthday
On the following day.

At (the)

Clock TimeAt 6 o’clock, at 8.30 p.m.
NightAt night
Holiday PeriodAt Christmas
At the weekend
At the Pooja vacation

In, After Prepositions of Time

  • John returned after a week.
  • I hope to recover in a week.
  • Day after day passed by.
  • I shall pay off your dues in a few days.
  • We went to see him after a few days.
  • It seems the condition of the patient will take a better turn in a week.
  • The doctor took the weight of the patient after a month.

In, Within, By, Before Prepositions of Time

  • There was no furniture at all in (or, within) the house.
  • I wrote the script in a month.
  • I shall send you the details of the incident within a week.
  • I shall finish the work by (before) Saturday next.
  • He prepared all his lessons within three hours.
  • The man was to come here by (before) 5 p.m. on Tuesday.
  • We shall reach home in an hour.
  • Please see me by Saturday next.
  • You will reach there by or before 1 o’clock.

Since, From, For Prepositions of Time

  • He has not been heard of since Friday last.
  • He has been missing (for) these five days.
  • You may rest here for a short while or, a few days.
  • He was on leave from Friday last.
  • The train will not stop here from next month.
  • I have not seen him for a long time.
  • We shall resume the journey from tomorrow.
  • It has been raining continuously since Monday last.
  • Lisa has been learning English since February last.
  • Alisha has been learning Hindi for the last five months.
  • A computer class will be opened in our school from the next session

Prepositions of Place


  • She lives in New York.
  • There’s not a cloud in the sky.
  • The children are playing in the street.
  • She is sitting in a chair.
  • He is in the shop.
  • My brother lives in Calcutta.
  • There was a famine in the Palma district last year.
  • There is a big temple dedicated to Lord Shiva in our village.
  • There is a museum in Mumbai.
  • There lived a juggler in this village.


  • We waited at the corner of the street.
  • She is at school.
  • They live at Mahimpur.
  • I saw the pictures at my uncle’s house.
  • He was born at Lowada, a village in West Bengal.
  • Devid is at Medinipur now.
  • Sunrise is more enjoyable at Puri than in Mumbai.
  • He resides at 50, Deshbandhu Road.
  • He is at the shop. Rajkamal lives at Garia.


  • Look at the picture on the wall.
  • There are dirty marks on the floor.
  • Leave the glasses on the table.
  • They sat on the grass.
  • We stood on one foot.
  • He had a blister on his foot.
  • He wore a ring on his finger.
  • There is a coat on a hook.
  • They sat on a chair.


  • He stood before her in the queue.
  • We knelt before the shrine.
  • Your name comes before mine on the list.
  • The task before us is not an easy one.
  • The future before me is bleak.
  • He was brought before the police officer.
  • “He said it before witnesses.”


  • She stood behind me.
  • The post office is behind our house.
  • Hide behind the tree.
  • The sun is hidden behind the clouds.
  • Bring out the deeper meaning behind the passage.


  • We sat by the fire.  
  • She sat by me.
  • There is a School by my house.
  • She was sitting by Niharika.
  • There is a Bank by my house.
  • We were sitting by the fire.
  • There is a hospital by our Hanuman Temple.
  • The telephone is by the Window.


  • Man is above all.
  • There is a fan above my head.
  • The sky above our heads is blue.
  • He held an umbrella above her.


  • Spread the cloth over the table.
  • She put a rug over the sleeping boy.
  • There is a fan over my head.
  • The sky over our heads is blue.
  • He held an umbrella over her.


  • They rested under a tree for some time.
  • The dog is under the table.
  • His luggage was under his bed.
  • The wreck of the Titanic still remains under the sea.
  • He hides the money under the bed.


  •  Just below the paragraph, there are some questions.
  • There was a big painting below the clock.
  • The apartment below is owned by an Indian couple.
  • Just below the questions, there are answers.


  • They were walking beside the river.
  • Who is that sitting beside you?
  • There stands a big pupil tree beside our house.


  • Is there anybody in the room?
  • The thief was caught red-handed inside the room.
  • Suddenly I met him in the street.
  • The prince then passes through a forest.
  • Who is speaking there in (within) the room?
  • We went very close to Pareshnath Hill.
  • There is a stream close to our house.
  • A bird was perching on the branch of a tree.
  • A troop of monkeys sat on a branch of a tree.
  • The man walked around the house.
  • The boat sailed down the river.
  • This road goes through the forest.
  • They are moving around college street.
  • We sat beneath the tree.
  • I have put on a vest beneath the shirt.
  • Stand beside your father.
  • The road is along the river.
  • The man is standing beneath the tree.

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