Prepositions Used in a Sentence

A preposition is a word that is placed before a noun or noun equivalent to show its relation to some other word in the sentence.

The followings are the top 15 Prepositions Used in a Sentence.

Prepositions Used in a Sentence

Prepositions Used in a Sentence

  1. My wallet is in my backpack.
  2. The books are in the library.
  3. The food is in the fridge.
  4. The painting is hanging in the museum.
  5. The plane is in the hangar.
  6. The keys are in the drawer.
  7. The fish is swimming in the aquarium.

  1. The grocery store is near the gas station.
  2. We found a nice picnic spot near the lake.
  3. There is a bus stop near the hospital entrance.
  4. The school is located near the city centre.
  5. The hotel room had a beautiful view of the beach and was situated near the ocean.

  1. The mug is on the coaster.
  2. The hat is on the rack.
  3. The ship is sailing on the ocean.
  4. The sticker is on the notebook.
  5. The ball is on the court.
  6. The luggage is on the conveyor belt.

  1. The car is parked behind the building.
  2. The cat is hiding behind the couch.
  3. The children are playing behind the school.
  4. The restaurant is located behind the gas station.
  5. The man is walking behind the woman.
  6. The rabbit is hiding behind the tree.

  1. We sat by the fire.  
  2. She sat by me.
  3. There is a School by my house.
  4. She was sitting by Niharika.
  5. There is a Bank by my house.
  6. We were sitting by the fire.
  7. There is a hospital by our Hanuman Temple.
  8. The telephone is by the Window.

  1. Man is above all.
  2. There is a fan above my head.
  3. The sky above our heads is blue.
  4. He held an umbrella above her.

  1. The helicopter is hovering over the city.
  2. The kite is flying over the park.
  3. The clouds are over the mountain.
  4. The birds are flying over the trees.
  5. The aeroplane is flying over the hills.
  6. The banner is hanging over the entrance.

  1. The boat is sailing under the bridge.
  2. The roots of the tree are under the ground.
  3. The fish is swimming under the water.
  4. The book is under the pillow.
  5. The sun is shining under the clouds.
  6. The car is parked under the tree.

  1. The roots of the tree are below the ground.
  2. The magma is flowing below the Earthโ€™s crust.
  3. The treasure is buried below the sand.
  4. The scuba diver is exploring the reef below the waves.
  5. The basement is located below the main level of the house.
  6. The mouse is hiding below the floorboards.

  1. The woman is sitting beside her husband.
  2. The car is parked beside the curb.
  3. The restaurant is located beside the movie theatre.
  4. The tree is growing beside the fence.
  5. The vase is beside the fireplace.
  6. The boat is moored beside the dock.

  1. The keys to the safe are hidden somewhere within the building.
  2. We must finish this project within the deadline.
  3. The concert will take place within the walls of the ancient castle.
  4. The store is located within walking distance of my apartment.
  5. The professor asked us to answer the essay question within a limit of 500 words.

  1. The cat ran across the room to catch the toy mouse.
  2. The marathon runners crossed the finish line across the park.
  3. The bridge across the river was closed due to flooding.
  4. The news spread quickly across the small town.
  5. We walked across the meadow to reach the forest trail.

  1. The hiking trail goes through the forest and up the mountain.
  2. The plumber snaked the drain to clear the blockage through the pipes.
  3. She read through the entire novel in just one weekend.
  4. The car drove through the tunnel and emerged on the other side.
  5. We talked through the issues and came up with a solution.

  1. The bird flew into the tree to build its nest.
  2. She dived into the pool and swam a few laps.
  3. The software developer is looking into the issue with the app.
  4. The cake batter needs to be poured into the baking pan.
  5. The hikers trekked into the forest to reach the mountain summit.

  1. The book you’re looking for is inside the library.
  2. We took shelter inside the tent during the rainstorm.
  3. The chocolates are inside the box on the kitchen counter.
  4. The car was parked inside the garage to keep it safe from the storm.

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