Prepositional Phrase Definition and Examples

Prepositional phrases are made up of two or more words that are frequently combined and end with a simple Preposition.

In other words, a Prepositional Phrase is a group of words that work as a preposition. In this lesson, you will learn the Prepositional Phrase definition with examples.

Prepositional Phrase Definition and Examples

Prepositional Phrase Definition

When a phrase begins and ends with a Preposition (of, at. by. with, from, over etc.) it is called a Prepositional Phrase.

Common Prepositional Phrases

  1. As to,
  2. By way of,
  3. In quest of,
  4. By dint of,
  5. On the eve of,
  6. In consequence of,
  7. In the place of,
  8. In company with,
  9. At enmity with,
  10. In keeping with,
  11. In prospect of,
  12. Because of,
  13. By force of,
  14. In pursuit of,
  15. With an eye to,
  16. By the side of,
  17. By means of,
  18. In search of,
  19. In the face of,
  20. In the hope of,
  21. In defiance of,
  22. In honour of,
  23. In opposition to,
  24. In unison with,
  25. At variance with,
  26. To the surprise of,
  27. In exchange of,
  28. At home in,
  29. In course of,
  30. In the name of,
  31. At par with,
  32. At the cost of,
  33. In respect of,
  34. In sight of,
  35. In the wake of,
  36. In the middle (midst ) of,
  37. As a token of,
  38. On behalf of/on the part of,
  39. For fear of (life),
  40. In fear of (danger),
  41. In connection with/with reference to,
  42. At the instance of,
  43. In deference to,
  44. In view of/in consideration of,
  45. On account of/on the ground of,
  46. On the Brink of 
  47. On the face of 
  48. On the ground of 
  49. On the pretense of 
  50. With a view to 
  51. By dint of 
  52. In agreement with
  53. In comparison with 
  54. In connection with 
  55. In spite of 
  56. In the event of 
  57. In the interest of
  58. In the teeth of 
  59. In the light of 
  60. In order to 
  61. In pursuance of 
  62. In the middle of 
  63. In proportion to 
  64. In praise of 
  65. In pursuit of 
  66. Owing to 
  67. On the verge of 
  68. On default of 
  69. On behalf of
  70. Due to

Prepositional Phrase Examples Sentences

  1. He was absent because of his illness.
  2. On the ground of safety concerns, the event was cancelled.
  3. On the pretence of going to the store, she secretly met her lover.
  4. With a view to improving her health, she started going to the gym regularly.
  5. By dint of hard work, he was able to achieve his goals.
  6. In agreement with the terms of the contract, the payment was due on the 30th of the month.
  7. He left the room in the middle of the discussion.
  8. In comparison with her previous job, her new position had better benefits.
  9. In connection with the investigation, the police questioned several witnesses.
  10. He always worked in the interest of the entire family.
  11. In order to succeed you have to work hard.
  12. In consequence of the storm, many trees were uprooted and power lines were down.
  13. In consideration of his years of service, he was given a generous retirement package.
  14. In the course of the meeting, several issues were discussed.
  15. In keeping with his beliefs, he refused to eat meat.
  16. On account of the bad weather, the flight was delayed.
  17. On the verge of tears, she told him the heartbreaking news.
  18. You will get books in lieu of the medal.
  19. On default of payment, the company will take legal action.
  20. Instead of going to the party, she decided to stay home and read a book.
  21. On behalf of the organization, I would like to thank everyone who contributed to our fundraiser.
  22. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the event had to be rescheduled.
  23. In response to the complaints, the company issued a formal apology.
  24. With respect to your question, I believe that further research is needed.
  25. For the sake of his health, he quit smoking and started exercising regularly.
  26. In spite of the obstacles, she never gave up on her dreams.
  27. In accordance with company policy, all employees must attend the training session.
  28. In keeping with tradition, the family gathered around the table for Thanksgiving dinner.
  29. In quest of knowledge, he spent hours reading books and attending lectures.
  30. In view of the current situation, we have decided to postpone the event.
  31. In spite of the rain, they continued with the outdoor concert.
  32. In the event of an emergency, please follow the instructions provided by the government.
  33. In the interest of public safety, the road will be closed for repairs.
  34. In the teeth of the storm, the brave firefighters battled to save the burning building.
  35. In the light of new evidence, the investigation was reopened.
  36. In order to succeed, one must be willing to work hard and persevere.
  37. In pursuance of their goals, the team practised diligently every day.
  38. In the middle of the night, she woke up.
  39. In proportion to their income, they donated a significant amount to charity.
  40. In praise of his accomplishments, the athlete was awarded a gold medal.
  41. In pursuit of happiness, she left her job and travelled the world.
  42. On account of the heavy snow, the school was closed for the day.

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