Positive to Negative Sentence

Transformation of a sentence is the change of form of the sentence without changing the meaning.

In this post, you will find important rules, patterns, and examples for the conversion of Positive to Negative Sentences.

Positive to Negative Sentence

Positive to Negative Sentence Conversion

Positive: We love our country.
Negative: Do we not love our country?

Positive: Can I ever forget your help?
Negative: I can never forget your help.

Positive: She is tall.
Negative: She is not short.

Positive: He is intelligent.
Negative: He is not unintelligent.

Positive: They are happy.
Negative: They are not unhappy.

Positive: He is too tired to walk.
Negative: He is so tired that he cannot walk.

Positive: She is sometimes careless.
Negative: She is not always careful.

Positive: The food is delicious.
Negative: The food is not bad.

Positive: She is friendly.
Negative: She is not unfriendly.

Positive: He is honest.
Negative: He is not dishonest.

Positive: I am very busy at the moment.
Negative: I donโ€™t have any free time.

Positive: She tried every plan.
Negative: She left no plan untried.

Positive: I am conscious of my faults.
Negative: I am not blind to my faults.

Positive: Only a Hercules can do this.
Negative: None but Hercules can do this.

Positive: I prefer to work during the evenings and nights.
Negative: Iโ€™m not a morning person.

Positive: He is as brave as lion.
Negative: A lion is no braver than he.

Positive: Everybody knows it.
Negative: Who does not know it?

Positive: The movie is interesting.
Negative: The movie is not boring.

Positive: The weather is warm.
Negative: The weather is not cold.

Positive: Only the brave deserve the fair.
Negative: None but the brave deserve the fair.

Positive: He is a clever boy.
Negative: Is he not a clever boy?

Positive: Only a professional can do this.
Negative: None but a professional can do this.

Positive: He is going to school.
Negative: Is he not going to school?

Positive: He failed all tests.
Negative: He did not pass any tests.

Positive: The dress is beautiful.
Negative: The dress is not ugly.

Positive: The team is talented.
Negative: The team is not untalented.

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