Coordinators are used to connect sentences, phrases or clauses of equal rank. Following are some of the most common coordinators.

  • Cumulative – and, both….and, also, too, as well as, not only….but also, no less than
  • Alternative – or, either….or, neither….nor, otherwise, else
  • Adversative – but, still, yet, however, nevertheless, only, whereas,
  • Illative – so, for, therefore, then

Sample Sentences Using Coordinators

Coordinators Type #1


  • Rini and Sita went to school.
  • The king died and his son ascended the throne.
  • He played well and got the prize.
  • He got the medicine and left the place.
  • They both love and respect this great man.
  • Both he and his brother will go.
  • He is beautiful and you also.
  • She is an idler and a gambler too.
  • The boy, as well as the girl, is guilty.
  • Dipali as well as her brother is honest.
  • The teacher, as well as his students, was invited.
  • Men like not only wealth but also social position.
  • Tom plays not only the drum but also the flute.
  • She was not only accused but also convicted.
  • Not only he but his mother also will go there.
  • Kamal, no less than his father, is an experienced man.

Coordinators Type #2


  • Make haste, or you will be late.
  • “Do or die”.
  • Read or you will fail.
  • I shall go there or they will come here.
  • Either she or her parents did this work.
  • Either my father or I must go.
  • He could neither stand up nor lie down.
  • Nina is neither foolish nor ignorant.
  • Neither he nor his father was guilty.
  • I will not give him this pen, nor even his sister.
  • Leave the place, otherwise, you will be caught.
  • Do what you are told, otherwise, you will be punished.
  • Try hard otherwise, you will fail.
  • Run, else you will be late.

Coordinators Type #3


  • Tony is poor but honest.
  • He is sad but hopeful.
  • Pinaki tried hard, but he failed.
  • She is learned but very rude.
  • I can change but I can not die.
  • I would help you, only I am too busy.
  • The rich are making merry, whereas the poor are dying of starvation.
  • He is rich whereas his brother is poor.
  • Tulika is very rich, but still (yet) he is not contented.
  • The matter was painful, still, he did not complain.
  • He worked hard, still, he failed.
  • Everyone opposed me, nevertheless, I did not lose heart.
  • He was very much annoyed, however, he kept quiet.
  • Everyone was against her; however (nevertheless), she stuck to his point.
  • India played well, yet they lost the match.
  • Life is full of tears yet none wishes to die.

Coordinators Type #4


  • Tapas Sen is a brave man, so he does not feel afraid.
  • Rahim was ill, so he could not come to school.
  • He tried hard so he could win the game.
  • I am not going out, for Rima will come now.
  • Piyush was found guilty, therefore he was hanged.
  • This man is dishonest, therefore Piyali will not deal with him.
  • The air is calm now, for it is raining.
  • I see, then, we should start at once.

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