Adverbial Phrase

phrase is a collection of words without a subject or predicate. The phrase is the fundamental building block of English grammar.

Example: To speak the truth is a good habit. To do the sum is trouble. I saw a girl with long hair.

Adverbial Phrase Definition

An Adverbial Phrase is a group of words that work as an adverb.

  • Alisha worked with care. (Carefully)
  • Manila looked at the tiger with fear. (Fearfully)
  • They left the town bag and baggage. (with all one’s belongings)
Adverbial Phrase

Read the following Adverbs and Adverbial Phrases:

Adverbs Adverbial Phrases
CarefullyWith care.
Bravelywith bravery.
Beautifullyin a beautiful style.
Everywherein all places.
Hereat this place.
Nowat this very moment.
Recentlyat present / at a recent date.

Adverbial Phrases of Place

  • The beggar is begging from door to door.
  • The boys were running to and fro.
  • They live in a foreign country. (Adv. abroad)
  • His reputation as a professor spread far and wide
  • He always keeps me at arm’s length.
  • Lisa has gone somewhere else. (Adv. away)
  • You can buy it at all places. (Adv. everywhere)
  • The accident occurred on this spot. (Adv. here)
  • Rocky ran at a great speed. (Adv. swiftly)
  • Nobody can live on the moon.
  • I stood on the roof at midnight.
  • Make yourself at home.

Adverbial Phrases of Time

  • He disobeyed my order again and again. (Adv. repeatedly)
  • He at once left from there. (Adv. immediately)
  • Dishonest people will be punished sooner or later or, in the long run. (Adv. ultimately)
  • He will recover by and by. (Adv. gradually)
  • He was imprisoned for a long or for long time.
  • I hear from him every now and then. (Adv. frequently)
  • The thief will be caught in time. (Adv. eventually)
  • Now and then, it rains here (Adv. occasionally)
  • He learns English off and on. (Adv. irregularly)

Adverbial Phrase in the Sense of Method or Type

  • He stood by me through thick and thin.
  • He faced death on his own accord. (Adv. voluntarily)
  • He fought with the enemy tooth and nail (Adv. desperately)
  • He abused the man without rhyme or reason (Adv. unreasonably)
  • I have read your book through and through. (Adv. fully or thoroughly)
  • I found the things of the room at sixes and sevens. (Adv. pell-mell)
  • It was a moment of danger but he was equal to the occasion.
  • At once we left Calcutta bag and baggage.
  • Churchill was out and out a statesman. (Adv. undoubtedly)
  • In ancient times soldiers fought hand to hand (Adv. manually)
  • He tried heart and soul for success. (Adv. hard)
  • The price of rice is rising by leaps and bounds. (Adv. rapidly)

Some Common Adverbial Phrases

  • At any time
  • At all/ In the least
  • In no time
  • For life.
  • On foot
  • Face to face
  • In all
  • By all means
  • By force
  • By the turn
  • Through shame
  • From age to age
  • Once for all
  • To this day
  • At the door
  • Side by side
  • On the whole
  • From head to foot
  • In all respects
  • By chance
  • Owing to illness
  • With attention
  • The other day
  • All day long
  • Forever for good
  • Up the river
  • Two at a time / by two-step by step
  • By (through) mistake
  • Down (or, along) the street
  • For want of time
  • In course of time
  • At last
  • On horseback
  • Nowadays
  • Here and there
  • At least
  • More or less
  • All of a sudden
  • On oath
  • In the long run
  • In every house
  • From day to day/day by day
  • All the year round
  • Down the river
  • On the river
  • One by one/one after another
  • Bit by bit/ little by little
  • On no account/ by no means
  • On account of the rain

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