What is Paired Conjunctions?

Some conjunctions are used in paired sentences, they are called paired conjunctions.

Some common paired Conjunctions are Both…..and, Either……..or, Neither……..nor, Whether……or, Not only…..but/ Not only…..but also, Though…..yet, The same……as, Other…..than, Else……than, So……that, Such……that Etc.

Paired Conjunctions

Paired Conjunctions

Use of Paired Conjunctions #1


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  • She loves both pizza and ice cream.
  • The book is both informative and interesting.
  • Both money and respect are necessary for human life.
  • We both love and respect our parents.
  • They both love and care for each other.

Use of Paired Conjunctions #2


  • You can either choose a blue shirt or a pink shirt for the party.
  • Either my brother or I will go to the market today.
  • The man is either a saint or a clevis.
  • Come either today or tomorrow.
  • You can either buy the house now or wait until the price goes down.

Use of Paired Conjunctions #3


  • The shirt is neither pink nor white.
  • Neither John nor his father was present.
  • Neither John nor Lisa likes spicy food.
  • Alisha is neither beautiful nor hardworking.
  • He owns neither a car nor a bike.

Use of Paired Conjunctions #4


  • I don’t know whether I should take the bus or the train.
  • I do not know whether Peter is guilty or not.
  • You should do it whether your parents like it or not.
  • I do not know whether Monika loves me or not.

Use of Paired Conjunctions #5

Not only…..but/ Not only…..but also

  • Lisa is not only a musician but also a skilled writer.
  • Peter is not only a bad boy but (or, but also) a pickpocketer.
  • Not only I, but all other citizens love their country.
  • She not only speaks English fluently but also understands French very well.
  • Diana, Princess of Wales was not only beautiful but also accomplished.

Use of Paired Conjunctions #6

The same……as

  • Her car is the same model as mine.
  • He ordered the same dish as mine, at the restaurant.
  • This is the same pen as I lost the other day.
  • Your pet is of the same kind as mine.

Use of Paired Conjunctions #7


  • Though it was raining heavily, yet he managed to reach the office in time.
  • Though he is not rich, yet he is honest.
  • Though he is old, yet he is strong.
  • Though Virat Kohli is mainly a batsman, yet he can bowl well.

Use of Paired Conjunctions #8


  • I have no other friend than you.
  • I have other skirts than this.
  • He will take no other shirts than these.

Use of Paired Conjunctions #9

Else……than (or, but)

  • He has no choice else but apologises for the mistakes.
  • She had no option else than to accept the marketing job offer.

Use of Paired Conjunctions #10


  • I would rather stay home than go out to the party tonight.
  • He would rather die of starvation than beg.
  • We had (or, would) rather die than ever tell a lie.
  • Peter would rather resign than act against his conscience.

Use of Paired Conjunctions #11


  • She is not so tall as her sister.
  • The movie was not so good as I thought it to be.
  • John was so kind as to invite me to his house.

Use of Paired Conjunctions #12


  • Alisha is not such a fool as he seems to be.
  • Rupankar is not such a clever boy as you take him to be.

Use of Paired Conjunctions #13


  • The music was so loud that I can not concentrate on my studies.
  • He is so weak that he cannot walk.
  • She is so intelligent that she got a job offer at the age of 23
  • The movie was so scary that I had nightmares for 2 days.

Use of Paired Conjunctions #14


  • The traffic was such a mess that we were stuck on the road.
  • The movie was such a box office hit that it broke all records.

Use of Paired Conjunctions #15


  • As you sow, so shall you reap.
  • As he is a doctor so he gives good advice.

Use of Paired Conjunctions #16

No sooner…..than, Hardly…..before or when, Scarcely…..when

  • No sooner the concert began than the light went off.
  • No sooner had I started than it began to rain.
  • No sooner had they reached the station than the train left.
  • No sooner did Jim see me than he ran away.
  • Hardly had I started my homework when my friend came.
  • Hardly had he entered the room when he was struck on his head.
  • Scarcely had I stepped outside when I realised I had forgotten my wallet.

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