Phrases Worksheets with Answers

phrase is a group of words without a finite verb. In other words, A phrase is a collection of words without a subject or predicate.

In this post, we present you with some important Phrases worksheets with answers, allowing you to check your answers instantly.

Phrases Worksheets with Answers

Phrases Worksheets with Answers

Phrases Worksheet #1

Identify the phrases in each sentence given below and also mention the types of phrases:

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The doctor gave a diagnosis of pneumonia to the patient.

diagnosis of pneumonia (Noun Phrase)

The salesman went door to door to promote his new product.

door to door(Adverbial Phrase)

The girls were running to and fro.

to and fro(Adverbial Phrase)

They left their home country to pursue better opportunities in a foreign country.

foreign country. (Adv. abroad)(Adverbial Phrase)

The politician has a reputation for honesty.

reputation for honesty(Noun Phrase)

The student received a grade of A on her paper.

grade of A (Noun Phrase)

Virat Kohli is a cricketer of worldwide fame.

of worldwide fame(Adjective Phrase)

The building across the street is a bank.

across the street(Adjective Phrase)

The dog with the wagging tail is friendly.


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with the wagging tail(Adjective Phrase)

The woman in the yellow dress is the bride.

in the yellow dress(Adjective Phrase)

Phrases Worksheet #2

Identify the phrases in each sentence given below and also mention the types of phrases:

The cat hiding under the bed is scared.

hiding under(Adjective Phrase)

The new company policy seemed to be implemented without rhyme or reason.

without rhyme or reason (Adv. unreasonably)(Adverbial Phrase)

He was a loyal friend through and through. 

through and through. (Adv. fully or thoroughly)(Adverbial Phrase)

After the move to a new country, everything seemed to be at sixes and sevens.

at sixes and sevens. (Adv. pell-mell)(Adverbial Phrase)

The firefighter was equal to the occasion, heroically saving the trapped victims from the burning building.

equal to the occasion.(Adverbial Phrase)

The woman walking through the park is enjoying the scenery.

walking through(Adjective Phrase)

The leaves falling from the trees are so colourful.

falling from(Adjective Phrase)

The boy fishing in the pond caught a big fish.

fishing in(Adjective Phrase)

The cake baking in the oven smells so good.

baking in(Adjective Phrase)

The dog sleeping on the couch is so lazy.

sleeping on (Adjective Phrase)

The baby crawling on the floor is so cute.

crawling on(Adjective Phrase)

The company is looking for a candidate with experience in marketing.

candidate with experience(Noun Phrase)

The author wrote a book on the topic of environmentalism.

book on the topic of environmentalism(Noun Phrase)

The musician composed a song about the theme of love.

song about the theme of love(Noun Phrase)

The teacher gave a lecture on the subject of history.

lecture on the subject of history(Noun Phrase)

Phrases Worksheet #3

Identify the phrases in each sentence given below and also mention the types of phrases:

The company is seeking candidates with knowledge of computer programming.

candidates with knowledge of computer programming(Noun Phrase)

The child has a fascination with the world of insects.

fascination with the world of insects(Noun Phrase)

He kept making the same mistake again and again.

again and again. (Adv. repeatedly)(Adverbial Phrase)

The teacher instructed the students to finish their assignments at once.

at once. (Adv. immediately)(Adverbial Phrase)

Despite initial setbacks, the company believed that its strategy would pay off in the long run.

in the long run. (Adv. ultimately)(Adverbial Phrase)

The artist created a painting of the scenery of the countryside.

painting of the scenery of the countryside(Noun Phrase)

The doctor prescribed treatment for the illness of the patient.

want of money(Noun Phrase)

The chef added a dash of spices for the flavour of the dish.

dash of spices(Noun Phrase)

She had a dream to become a doctor.

to become a doctor(Adjective Phrase)

They had a goal to score high in their exams.

to score high(Adjective Phrase)

We had the wish to visit the Grand Canyon.

to visit the Grand Canyon(Adjective Phrase)

He had a habit to wake up early in the morning.

to wake up early in the morning(Adjective Phrase)

She had an ambition to become a doctor.

to become a doctor(Adjective Phrase)

Phrases Worksheet #4

Identify the phrases in each sentence given below and also mention the types of phrases:

The computer screen is cracked.

The computer screen(Noun Phrase)

His office desk is cluttered.

His office desk(Noun Phrase)

The flowers in the garden will bloom in time for the wedding next week.

in time (Adv. eventually)(Adverbial Phrase)

Now and then, she would check her phone for any important messages.

Now and then (Adv. occasionally)(Adverbial Phrase)

The athlete trained off and on for months before finally winning the championship.

off and on (Adv. irregularly)(Adverbial Phrase)

The baby’s diaper is dirty.

The baby’s diaper(Noun Phrase)

She wore a silk dress.

silk dress.(Noun Phrase)

India is rich in minerals.

rich in (Adjective Phrase)

Truthfulness is foreign to your nature.

foreign to(Adjective Phrase)

The museum is full of ancient artefacts.

full of(Adjective Phrase)

The beach is crowded with tourists during the summer.

crowded with(Adjective Phrase)

The city is renowned for its beautiful architecture.

renowned for (Adjective Phrase)

The air is heavy with the scent of blooming flowers.

heavy with(Adjective Phrase)

Lisa succeeded in life by virtue of honesty.

by virtue of(Prepositional Phrase)

Pamela shouted at the top of his voice.

at the top of(Prepositional Phrase)

The new car has leather seats.

leather seats(Noun Phrase)

The kitchen table is made of oak.

The kitchen table(Noun Phrase)

The dog’s leash is too short.

The dog’s leash(Noun Phrase)

Phrases Worksheet #5

Identify the phrases in each sentence given below and also mention the types of phrases:

Food and water are essential for human survival.

Food and water(Noun Phrase)

The company is experiencing a shortage of employees and funds.

employees and funds(Noun Phrase)

Strength and endurance are required to complete this challenge.

Strength and endurance(Noun Phrase)

He was absent because of his illness.

because of (Prepositional Phrase)

The accident occurred in front of the house.

in front of(Prepositional Phrase)

In the middle of the night, she woke up.

In the middle of(Prepositional Phrase)

Light and shadow play key roles in photography.

Light and shadow(Noun Phrase)

The museum houses a collection of art and artefacts from around the world.

art and artefacts(Noun Phrase)

The relationship between teachers and students is important for academic success.

teachers and students (Noun Phrase)

The balance between work and play is crucial for a healthy lifestyle.

work and play(Noun Phrase)

Monika is the apple of her father’s eye.

apple of her father’s eye(Adjective Phrase)

Peter is a jack of all trades and master of none.

jack of all trades(Adjective Phrase)

There is no hard and fast rule in this matter.

hard and fast(Adjective Phrase)

We must be up and doing in the service of our country.

up and doing(Adjective Phrase)

Honesty and integrity are valued traits in any profession.

Honesty and integrity(Noun Phrase)

The concert features a variety of music and dance performances.

variety of music and dance(Noun Phrase)

Health and wellness are becoming increasingly important in today’s society.

Health and wellness(Noun Phrase)

Phrases Worksheet #6

Identify the phrases in each sentence given below and also mention the types of phrases:

He likes to eat sweets.

to eat sweets(Noun Phrase)

The best way to learn a new language.

to learn a new language(Noun Phrase)

In response to the complaints, the company issued a formal apology.

In response to (Prepositional Phrase)

You will get books in lieu of the medal.

in lieu of (Prepositional Phrase)

In pursuit of happiness, she left her job and travelled the world.

In pursuit of (Prepositional Phrase)

He likes to command others.

to command others(Noun Phrase)

My goal is to save enough money.

to save enough money(Noun Phrase)

I tried to get the sum right.

to get the sum right(Noun Phrase)

To stand first is my ambition.

To stand first(Noun Phrase)

His hobby is to collect rare coins.

I need to go shopping for groceries later today.

need to go shopping (Verb Phrase)

He’s studying hard for his driver’s license test next week.

studying hard (Verb Phrase)

I need to write a letter to my friend who lives abroad.

need to write (Verb Phrase)

We went hiking up the mountain last weekend and it was amazing.

went hiking (Verb Phrase)

Let’s go for a walk in the park and enjoy the fresh air.

go for a walk (Verb Phrase)

I like cleaning the house on weekends to keep it organized.

like cleaning the house (Verb Phrase)

to collect rare coins(Noun Phrase)

To rise early is good for health.

To rise early (Noun Phrase)

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