Interrogative Mood

In English grammar, mood refers to the manner in which a verb is used in a sentence. Moods help us express different types of sentences, such as statements, questions, commands, and hypothetical situations.

In traditional grammar, there are three ways to explain moods: the Indicative, Imperative, and Subjunctive.

However, modern grammar has made a slight change and added the Interrogative mood. So, in simpler terms, we can classify moods into four categories:

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  • Declarative or Indicative Moods
  • Interrogative Moods
  • Imperative Moods
  • Subjunctive Moods

Interrogative Mood

The interrogative mood is used to ask questions. It involves using a verb to inquire or seek information. This Mood is equal to the Interrogative sentence.

YES/NO QuestionsWH-Questions
Will they report the accident?
Are you going to school?
Have you any pencils?
Did you learn this lesson at school?
Did you watch the movie?
Who prepared the breakfast?
Whose is this book?
How are you?
What do you want?
What does the girl look like?

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