Examples of Prepositions of Place

A preposition is a word which is generally used before a noun or a pronoun and shows its relation with other words in a sentence.

In this post, you will find the top 100+ examples of prepositions of place.

Examples of Prepositions of Place

Examples of Prepositions of Place

  1. She lives in London.
  2. The cat is sleeping in the basket.
  3. The children are playing in the park.
  4. My wallet is in my backpack.
  5. The books are in the library.
  6. The food is in the fridge.
  7. The painting is hanging in the museum.
  8. The plane is in the hangar.
  9. The keys are in the drawer.
  10. The fish is swimming in the aquarium.
  11. The medicine is in the cabinet.
  12. My brother lives in New York.

  1. We waited at the corner of the street.
  2. She is at school.
  3. I’ll meet you at the restaurant.
  4. We will have a party at the park.
  5. She is waiting for you at the bus stop.
  6. The conference will take place at the hotel.
  7. The concert is at the stadium.
  8. I’ll see you at the entrance of the mall.
  9. Let’s meet at the coffee shop.
  10. The store is located at the corner of the street.
  11. We will have lunch at the cafeteria.
  12. The movie starts at 7 PM at the cinema.
  13. He is at the shop.

  1. Look at the picture on the wall.
  2. The book is on the table.
  3. The picture is hanging on the wall.
  4. The phone is on the desk.
  5. The mug is on the coaster.
  6. The hat is on the rack.
  7. The ship is sailing on the ocean.
  8. The sticker is on the notebook.
  9. The ball is on the court.
  10. The luggage is on the conveyor belt.
  11. Leave the glasses on the table.
  12. They sat on the grass.
  13. We stood on one foot.

  1. She stood behind me.
  2. The post office is behind our house.
  3. The car is parked behind the building.
  4. The cat is hiding behind the couch.
  5. The children are playing behind the school.
  6. The restaurant is located behind the gas station.
  7. The man is walking behind the woman.
  8. The rabbit is hiding behind the tree.

  1. There is a School by my house.
  2. She was sitting by Niharika.
  3. There is a Bank by my house.
  4. We were sitting by the fire.
  5. There is a hospital by our Hanuman Temple.
  6. The telephone is by the Window.

  1. Man is above all.
  2. There is a fan above my head.
  3. The sky above our heads is blue.
  4. He held an umbrella above her.

  1. The plane is flying over the ocean.
  2. The bridge is over the river.
  3. The roof is over our heads.
  4. The helicopter is hovering over the city.
  5. The kite is flying over the park.
  6. The clouds are over the mountain.
  7. The birds are flying over the trees.
  8. The aeroplane is flying over the hills.
  9. The banner is hanging over the entrance.
  10. The roof of the car is over our heads.
  11. There is a fan over my head.
  12. The sky over our heads is blue.

  1. They rested under a tree for some time.
  2. The dog is under the table.
  3. The cat is hiding under the bed.
  4. The boat is sailing under the bridge.
  5. The roots of the tree are under the ground.
  6. The fish is swimming under the water.
  7. The book is under the pillow.
  8. The sun is shining under the clouds.
  9. The car is parked under the tree.
  10. The rock is under the sand.
  11. The rabbit is hiding under the bush.
  12. The child is crawling under the table.

  1. Just below the paragraph, there are some questions.
  2. The submarine is diving below the surface of the ocean.
  3. The fish are swimming below the water’s surface.
  4. The roots of the tree are below the ground.
  5. The magma is flowing below the Earth’s crust.
  6. The treasure is buried below the sand.
  7. The scuba diver is exploring the reef below the waves.
  8. The basement is located below the main level of the house.
  9. The mouse is hiding below the floorboards.
  10. The flashlight is shining below the stairs.
  11. The miners are drilling below the earth’s surface.
  12. Just below the questions, there are answers.

  1. The book is beside the lamp on the table.
  2. The bicycle is parked beside the garage.
  3. The man is walking beside his dog.
  4. The woman is sitting beside her husband.
  5. The car is parked beside the curb.
  6. The restaurant is located beside the movie theatre.
  7. The tree is growing beside the fence.
  8. The vase is beside the fireplace.
  9. The boat is moored beside the dock.
  10. The child is playing beside his friends.
  11. Who is that sitting beside you?

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