Active and Passive Voice Exercises

The study of the verb’s relationship to its subject and object is known as the voice in English Grammar. A sentence can use active or passive voice.

In this post, we have included the top 10 Active and Passive Voice Exercises.

Active and Passive Voice Worksheets with Answers

Active and Passive Voice Exercises

  1. The teacher graded the exams.
  2. The chef cooked a delicious meal.
  3. The doctor treated the patient.
  4. The postman delivers the mail.
  5. A new product was launched by the company.
  6. The cat was chased by the dog.
  7. A beautiful landscape was painted by the artist.
  8. A concert was performed by the singer.
  9. The construction workers built the skyscraper.
  10. The gardener planted the flowers.

  1. I am not going to work today.
  2. He has been teaching English for ten years.
  3. When are you going to buy a car?
  4. Who taught you the active and passive sentences?
  5. She had cleaned the kitchen.
  6. We will have eaten dinner by the time you get there.
  7. People speak English in the USA.
  8. Would you rather learn English or French?
  9. You must not come late to class.
  10. She has to pass the test.

  1. She writes a letter.
  2. They go to school every day.
  3. He doesn`t paint the wall.
  4. Why are you crying?
  5. Did the mechanic fix your car?
  6. You should do your homework.
  7. Don`t talk so loudly.
  8. They are painting their house.
  9. We have drunk the Darjeeling tea.
  10. Will you watch TV tonight?

  1. The explosion had killed hundreds of people.
  2. I have never been to New York.
  3. Have you been digging out the ground since morning?
  4. I will have written a poem by the time you call me.
  5. The heavy storm damaged a lot of crops in Maharashtra.
  6. I was playing kabaddi yesterday.
  7. Could you help me, please?
  8. Who can answer my question?
  9. Will Olivia have been watering the garden?
  10. Lisa is helping me solve the voice change exercises.

  1. Who wrote this essay?
  2. Who will call him?
  3. Who painted this beautiful painting?
  4. Who invited you?
  5. Who can break Ronaldo’s record?
  6. Who has the principal honoured?
  7. Who has the police arrested?
  8. Who have the people elected?
  9. Who have the selectors selected?
  10. Who has she called?

  1. The students are studying for their exams.
  2. The food is being prepared by the chef.
  3. A new product was released by the company.
  4. The police arrested the suspect.
  5. The surgery was performed by the doctor.
  6. The writer is publishing a new book.
  7. The construction workers are building a new house.
  8. A new program is being launched by the government.
  9. The company awarded the contract to a new vendor.

  1. Lisa sings lovely songs.
  2. We did not grow paddy.
  3. What do you want?
  4. They will run a race.
  5. Tom is building a house.
  6. I was writing a letter.
  7. Someone has stolen my watch.
  8. She had finished her work.
  9. People will admire him.
  10. Did no one help you?

  1. I kept my promise.
  2. She spoke the truth.
  3. We did not tell a lie.
  4. She kept me waiting.
  5. He offered her a cup of tea.
  6. Somebody stole my purse yesterday.
  7. Did you break my slate?
  8. Where did you find my wallet?
  9. Who painted the beautiful walls?

  1. She can help you.
  2. He could solve this sum.
  3. May I use your pencil?
  4. He might reject your plan.
  5. We should not violate the rules.
  6. You ought to serve your parents.
  7. He would receive you at the market.
  8. You must help the poor.

  1. Let us play tennis.
  2. Let her do it.
  3. Let him have the book.
  4. Let them watch a film.
  5. Let us repair it.
  6. Do it.
  7. Open the window.
  8. Obey your parents.
  9. Switch on the light.
  10. Never waste time.

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