Wh Questions Examples

Sometimes we ask questions to know yes or no and sometimes some specific answers. Hence questions are of two types: Yes, No Questions, Wh Questions

In this post, you will find the top 100+ Wh Questions Examples that cannot be found anywhere else.

Wh Questions Examples

General Wh Questions Example

Questions. Read the following passage and frame five questions for which the underlined words are the answers :

  1. It was a large lovely garden, with soft green grass.
  2. Here and there over the grass stood beautiful flowers like stars.
  3. There were twelve peach trees in the garden.
  4. In the springtime, the trees broke out into deliblossoms of pink and pearl. 
  5. In the autumn they bore rich fruit.


(i) What type of garden was it?
(ii) How did the beautiful flowers stand over the grass here and there?
(iii) How many peach trees were there in the garden?
(iv) When did the trees break out into delicate blossoms of pink and pearl?
(v) When did they bear rich fruit?

Wh Questions Examples [Wh-Word Wise]

Wh Questions Examples [WHO]

I am a student.Who are you?
Nikhilesh is my friend.Who is your friend? /Who is Nikhilesh?
Mr Biswas has a son and a daughter.Who has a son and a daughter?
Mother prepared the breakfast.Who prepared the breakfast?
Columbus discovered America.Who discovered America?
The gardener is watering the plants.Who is watering the plants?
Saratchandra wrote ‘Palli Samaj’.Who wrote ‘Palli Samaj”?
Everybody loves his motherland.Who does not love his motherland?
Everyone hates a liar.Who does not hate a liar?

Wh Questions Examples [WHOM]

I want to see Sourav Ganguly.Whom (Who) do you want to see?
I met Sachin Tendulkar.Whom (Who) did you meet?
We helped the poor in the slum.Whom (Who) did you help?
The mad dog bit his brother.Whom (Who) did the mad dog bite?
I can get this work done by my brother.By whom can you get this work done?
I gave it to my sister.To whom did you give it?
[Or] Who did you give it to?
I am afraid of ghosts.Of whom are you afraid?
[Or] Who are you afraid of?
We have made this for our teacher.For whom have you made this?
[Or] Who have you made this for?
We should trust in God.In whom should we trust?
[Or] Who should we trust?
We should put our trust in our superiors.To whom should we put our trust?
[Or] Who should we put our trust on?
He can get help from his friends.From whom can he get help?
(Or] Who can he get help from?
He went with his parents.To whom did he go?
(Or] Who did he go with?

NOTE: ‘WHO’ in place of ‘WHOM

In Modern English Who is used instead of Whom especially when it looks like a subject but actually it is an object of a preposition. The preposition is retained at the end of the sentence. This is not applicable in the case of By whom.

When Who is used as the Subject), it does not take any helping verb except in Negative form But when Who is used in place of Whom, it requires an auxiliary verb.

Note the difference :
Who wrote the book? [Correct-Subject ‘Who’]
Who you helped? [Incorrect-Subject ‘you’]
Who (Whom) did you help? [Correct-Subject ‘you’]

Wh Questions Examples [WHOSE]

This book is mine.Whose is this book? [Int. Pronoun]
[Or] Whose book is this? (Int. Adj.]
These books are ours.Whose are these books? (Int. Pronoun]
[Or] Whose books are these? [Int. Adj.]
The purse of the girl is lost.Whose purse is lost?
Dipak’s father is a doctor.Whose father is a doctor?
Dr. Som’s car is parked here.Whose car is parked here?
Bapan’s house is on the bank of the river.Whose house is on the bank of the river?
It is the duty of the police to keep law and order.Whose duty is it to keep law and order?
We took Soma’s camera.Whose camera did you take?
Our plan succeeded at last.Whose plan succeeded at last?

Note the difference:
Whose is this car? [Whose’ – Int. Pronoun] Whose is this book?[‘Whose’-Int. Pronoun]
Whose car is this? [Whose’ – Int. Adjective) Whose books is this? [Whose’ –Int. Adjective)

Wh Questions Examples [WHAT]

‘WHAT’ asks for: a specific answer such as a thing, number, or amount, name, and choice, etc.

My name is Anupam./I am Anupam.What is your name?
This is an orchid.What is this?
Traffic jam delayed me.What delayed you?
I want some money.What do you want?
He is an engineer.What is he? / What is his profession?
I am waiting to see my friend.What are you waiting for?
I am waiting here to see her.What for are you waiting here?
The girl looks like a fairy.What does the girl look like?
I am laughing to see the cartoon.What makes you laugh?
I would like to give you some newsWhat news? [Verbless Interrogative]

Note the difference :
Who is he?[enquires about the name of identity] Which is he?[refers to choice)
What is he? (enquires about the profession]

Wh Questions Examples [WHICH]

[For both persons and things for selection or choice]

I like only Darjeeling tea.Which tea do you like? [‘Which-Int. Adj.]
I am looking for an A. C. car.Which car are you looking for? [Which-Int. Adj.)
I prefer only vegetable dishes.Which dishes do you prefer? [Which’-Int. Adj.]
We shall go by the shortest way.Which way will you go? [Which-Int. Adj.]
The red-coloured book is mine.Which is your book? [‘Which’-Int. Pronoun]
[Or] Which book is yours? [Which-Int. Adj.]
Shreya is the best girl in the class.Which is the best girl in the class? [‘Which’-Int. Pronoun)
[Or] Which girl in the class is the best? [Which’-Int. Adj.]
I met Mr. Ghosh, the teacher.Which one did you meet? [Which-Int. Adj.]
I like roses best.Which do you like best?
[Or] Which ones do you like best? [‘Which-Int. Adj.]
He will plead for Arun’s behaviour.For which will he plead?

Wh Questions Examples [WHY]

He is shivering on account of a fever.Why is he shivering?
He takes medicine as he suffers from malaria.Why does he take medicine?
He was absent from school for his illness.Why was he absent from school?
I have just come to see you.Why have you come?
I have come to you to ask for a loan.Why have you come to me?
I went to Mumbai to meet my uncle.Why did you go to Mumbai?
He is very popular for his sweet behaviour.Why is he so popular?
He failed the examination because he idled away his time.Why did he fail the examination?
He was late because he missed the bus.Why was he late?
I was ill. I could not see you off.Why couldn’t you see me off?

Wh Questions Examples [WHEN]

He left for home at noon.When did he leave for home?
We go to school at 10.30 am (a.m.).When do you go to school?
We shall come back at 4.30 pm (p.m.).When will you come back?
I went to see her in the evening.When did you go to see her?
It happened one year ago.When did it happen?
Next Sunday is my birthday.When is your birthday?
The teacher will come soon.When will the teacher come?
The train will start at 16.40 hours.When will the train start?
He will return from the office at 5 pm (p.m.).When will he return from office?
Their glory can never fade.When can their glory fade?

Wh Questions Examples [WHERE]

My father is at home.Where is your father?
My sister was born in Delhi.Where was your sister born?
I live in a village.Where do you live?
I went to Kolkata.Where did you go?
I am going to Patna now.Where are you going now?
Our office is in Salt Lake.Where is your office?
There is no sense in it.Where is the sense in it?
I am coming from Nepal.Where are you coming from?
You should begin from here.Where should I begin from?
You can purchase a map from a stall.Wherefrom can I purchase a map?

Wh Questions Examples [HOW]

You can go there by train.How can I go there? [by what means]
He came here on foot.How did he come here? [by what means]
She cut the cake with a knife.How did she cut the cake? [by what means]
I sent the letter by post.How did you send the letter? [by what means]
A tape recorder operates mechanically.How does a tape recorder operate? [by what means]
I caught the mouse by its tail.How did you catch the mouse? [by what means]
He was so rude as he was angry.How could he be so rude? [in what state]
I am suffering from a fever.How are you? [in what state]
He is o.k. (okay).How is he? [in what state]
It is all right.How is it? [in what state]
It should be all right.How should it be? [opinion]
It would be fine.How would it be? [opinion]

Wh Question Examples for Two Sentences

Content: I do not know you. I want to know your identity.
Who: Who are you?

Content: Netaji is a patriot. Everybody knows it.
Who: Who does not know that Netaji is a patriot?

Content: Mira is my sister. She has painted the drawing.
Who: Who has painted the drawing?

Content: ‘Pather Dabi’ is a novel. Saratchandra is the author.
Who: Who is the author of the novel ‘Pather Dabi”?

Content: I saw a beggar. He was lying on the ground.
Whom: Whom [Who) did you see him lying on the ground?

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